About Us

DataAlp is neural network (deep learning) based solution for autonomous data driven optimization. It comes from realization of how increased computational abilities have allowed techniques like neural networks to precisely learn, analyze, model and make predictions using data. These powerful data tools have created a paradigm shift, from simply knowledge being power to omnipotence of data. However, even with data being readily available in almost every big/small organization or entity, not everyone has the resources or skills to extract valuable insights. DataAlp aims to catalyze this transition towards the data driven optimization by making data analysis a greener, simpler, autonomous and a free process for all. DataAlp is a child company of AGOS LLC.

What We Offer

This website is currently compatible for supervised and unsupervised learning datasets. If you are not sure about your dataset, the Alp still has you covered. Just upload your data and Alp will according process your dataset and tell you its story. However, DataAlp relies on small tips to maintain and continue improving the customer experience by providing better insights and stories for all kinds of dataset. There is always more coming in terms of what this startup can provide as this is only a start. So please be generous with your tips & do leave us with the feedback on what needs to be improved. Moreover, if there is a specific task you need Alp to help you with, you can always fill the form under 'Hire An Alp' section and an Alp will be there to get it done for you.

What Makes Us Special

DataAlp is an environmental friendly approach to data driven optimization. The website is not linked to any database at the backend, as they are the highest contributor to emissions within the IT industry and will contribute upto 14% of total emissions by 2040. Without a database, all the uploaded datasets are read as pandas dataframe and then passed down to the algorithms to turn your dataset in to a story. All this while all the pdfs objects are created in memory stream and merged together as a memory file, which is then emailed to you and the memory stream/files are closed to keep no record of the created files. This offers both the necessary data confidentiality to the user and eliminates the need for a database.

Furthermore, DataAlp makes use of automation to provide reliable data science services for free, reducing the reliance and need for everyone to acquire data science skills for extracting valuable insights from their datasets. This can help in reducing a portion of energy consumption/money that goes into acquiring data science skills around the world, especially in the third world countries where every socio/economic sector can benefit from easily and cheaply available data driven optimization resources.

Why Neural Networks

A neural network utilizes a series of algorithms to recognize any underlying patterns/relationships in a dataset, using a process that mimics the way human brain operates. Today neural networks/deep learning is the best performing form of artificial intelligence. The learning process is so robust that a same neural network can replicate its performance over various datasets. Inevitably making them a perfect application for autonomous systems. However, DataAlp utilizes symbolic AI for recognizing various dataset types & the following data preprocessing while, only uses neural networks for training the model. Moreover, the Alp also utilizes algorithms/techniques like randomforest, Kmeans, LDA (Linear Discriminant Analysis) or other dimensionality reduction techniques like PCA (Principal Component Analysis) or t-SNE (T-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding) to offer the best data story & insights to our users.