Free & Autonomous

A no-code AI to work as a data scientist and machine learning engineer to extract insightful stories and predictive model from your dataset.

Get more out of your dataset within seconds with just a click

Our fast, free, autonomous, greener and no-code AI is ready to work its intelligence on your dataset

Upload Dataset

Upload a .csv file of your dataset & our AI does the rest from there. The dataset is autonomously preprocessed and prepared from visualization and machine learning ahead.

AI Trains on Your Dataset in Seconds

Supervised or unsupervised machine learning models get trained on your dataset

Insigts, Pattern & Predictions Delivered

Get your data story with visualization, patters & trained predictive models

Instant Data Story

Get a detailed pdf report with visualization, AI training, evaluation and confession

Have AI Build Your AI

Have automation seamlessly build an AI tailored to your dataset

Multi Machine Learning Models

Trained neural networks, ensemble learning models, clustering or association algorithms, ready to recognize patterns or predict

Dedicated DS & ML Engineer

Our dedicated data scientist and machine learning engineering teams become a part of your team to optimize and tailor AI as per your needs

AI Focused on Green

Automation designed to reduce reliance on database, human skills and working hours

Free & Affordable AI

Use it for free and tip us if you like. For larger dataset, pay as you go & only for what you want


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